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Planning Steps for Participating in an Education Abroad Program

1.  Define your goals for your Education Abroad experience, ask yourself, why do you want to participate in an Education Abroad program? 

  • Do you seek meaningful intellectual and personal growth?
  • Do you want to expand your cultural awareness and appreciation?
  • Do you want to learn a new language? Or master your bilingual communication and language skills?  
  • Do you want to pursue academic research outside of the U.S.?

2. Browse our website for the different types of programs we offer. We provide the resources necessary for you to go on a Faculty-led, International Exchange, Affiliated, and Non-affiliated programs.  Including Internships and Service Learning via our Affiliated Programs.

3. Attend a General Information Session (required).

4. Create a TXST Education Abroad online application profile.  Only if you plan on participating in an Affiliated, Non-Affiliated, or International Exchange program.

5. Start applying for scholarships 

  • You can start applying for financial assistance before you are accepted. 

6. Call or email your academic advising center to let them know that you are at the academic advising stage of your Education Abroad application. (Required)

Undergraduate Students:

  • Click on this link to find your Advising Center by Major.  
  • While discussing Education Abroad with your Academic Advisor, visit your degree plan and explore your course options for your Education Abroad program. (Required)  

Graduate Students:

7. Schedule an appointment with an Education Abroad Advisor (required for Affiliated, Non-Affiliated and International Exchange Programs only).

  • Education Abroad advising appointments may be conducted  by Zoom/Teams

8. Prior to your appointment complete all of the pre-acceptance steps in your online application.  

9. You will be notified by Education Abroad of your acceptance.  

10. Return to your online application and complete all of the post-acceptance steps.  

11. Attend mandatory orientations and review the pre-departure information here.  


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