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Education Abroad Photography Contest Entry Form

Every Fall semester, Education Abroad hosts a Photography Contest of pictures taken by Texas State Education Abroad students during the previous academic year. The best images are selected at the Education Abroad Fair, and will be featured on Education Abroad website.

There are two categories. For each category there will be separate awards.

  • Bobcat Pride: Your bobcat spirit shouldn't end once you head overseas. Share your Texas State pride!
  • Take Me There: Show your personal experience and connection; inspire others to study abroad; show off your beautiful and unique photographs from your amazing experience abroad. Submit work that represents your finest aesthetic efforts. Some suggested themes are the following: Local Life, Cultural Events, A Transforming Study Abroad Moment and Landscape & Architecture

The winners of each category will receive:

The Byron Augustin Study Abroad Photo Certificate Award and the following prizes:

Category 1: Bobcat Pride

First Place: $100*
Second Place: $75*
Third Place: $50*        


Category 2: Take Me There

First Place: $100*
Second Place: $75*
Third Place: $50*


Please fill out the entry form and submit it to Education Abroad on or before the deadline of the end of October.

Contest rules and guidelines:

  • For every photo to be considered you must submit an Education Abroad Photo Contest Entry Form, located below.
  • Photos must have been taken while you were a Texas State student on an approved Education Abroad program during the previous academic year.
  • Photos must be appropriate for viewing by all ages. All photos entered in the contest should adhere to the ethics of cultural sensitivity.  If recognizable people are portrayed, the subjects must have given the photographer permission or "informed consent" to have the photograph taken. The spirit of the photo contest should be in keeping with the Texas State Education Abroad mission of promoting cross-cultural exchange and global understanding.

  • Please save images as: lastname#.jpg (Ex. Doe1.jpg, Doe2.jpg...) 

  • A maximum of five photos per student may be submitted; color or black-and-white photos will be accepted. No more than one prize per student will be awarded.

  • All photos selected must be able to be enlarged to 11”x14” with high resolution (300 ppi for printing - cell phone images not suggested). Once the prints are enlarged, if they do not have high resolution, Education Abroad may elect not to display them and they will no longer be eligible for an award. Education Abroad will cover the cost of enlarging the images. The enlarged photos will be property of the Texas State Education Abroad. 
  • All photos and related information may be reproduced or displayed by Texas State University.
  • Deadline for submission is early October.
  • Originality counts!

Selected photos will be announced in November, and they will be featured during the following academic year.

*If employed at Texas State, appropriate taxes will be deducted from the prize.

Attach at least one photo to be considered for the contest.

You must provide a short description (up to 100 words) about the study abroad learning experience related to each of your photos (this information might be displayed along with the photo if the image is selected)

Classification *

Photo # 1 Category *

Photo # 2 Category

Photo # 3 Category

Photo # 4 Category

Photo # 5 Category