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Our Mission


The mission of Texas State Education Abroad is to support the comprehensive internationalization plan of Texas State University by providing safe, accessible, academically dynamic, geographically diverse, and culturally enriching global educational experiences to our students.


Academic Integrity. We strive to enhance students' education with quality, meaningful, and rigorous academic programs abroad.
Responsible Global Engagement. We offer programs that prepare students to be inter-culturally competent, globally aware, and responsibly engaged citizens of the world.
Teamwork. We, as a team, work hard to achieve our common goal to support faculty and students in pursuing global academic experiences.
Respect. We strive to create an environment in which people respect and listen to one another, maintaining a professional demeanor in both conduct and appearance.
Conscientiousness. We make every effort to be accurate, efficient, and resourceful in our work. We are thoughtful, attentive, and considerate. We value initiative in problem-solving.


 Texas State Education Abroad will expand the use of its resources to foster greater study abroad opportunities for a continuously growing number of study abroad students.

Education Abroad Goals

  • Maintain high academic standards for all study abroad programs offered by Texas State University.
  • Strive for diversity of study abroad programs in regards to: geographic location, disciplines, length of the program, and types of programs/models of teaching.
  • Enhance students' personal, academic and professional development.
  • Enhance students' global awareness and social responsibility.
  • Enhance students' cultural understanding through extensive advising and superior on-site services and programming.
  • Engage with host communities abroad by incorporating service-research, internship, or volunteer opportunities into Education Abroad programs.
  • Support faculty Education Abroad initiatives.


Code of Ethics for Education Abroad

Texas State Education Abroad is committed to ethics in our study abroad programs. Refer to the Web site of the Forum on Education Abroad for more information.

Diversity Abroad Network

Texas State University is a member of Diversity Abroad, a leading international organization devoted to connecting diverse students, recent graduates, and young professionals with international educational and career opportunities. To learn more about Diversity Abroad and their resources, visit the Diversity Abroad website.