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Travel Tips Before You Go

International Airfare

Before you book your flight...


  • Verify your program, travel dates, and airport
    • PRO-TIP: Take a screenshot or type your flight information on your phone or on a journal in the event you cannot access the airline's app. Make sure to include:
      • Confirmation Number 
      • Flight number 
      • Departure and Arrival times
  • Check your airline's luggage restrictions and fees
    • PRO-TIP: Take a photo of your luggage in the even it gets delayed or misplace, you have an image to help you describe your luggage. 
  • Whenever possible, get a direct flight. You want the journey to be as simple as possible, and when you only have to board and exit a single plane, you lessen the chance for delays, cancellations, and missed connecting flights. 

  • A connecting flight is where you will travel to one airport to join a different flight that will take you to your end destination. Sometimes you may have multiple stops for international flights. 

  • A layover is a time in between these connecting flights. You will exit the plane and wait in another concourse until your next flight is ready to depart. This can be a quick turnaround or several hours long; it all depends on the flight schedule. If you must choose a layover, pick one that is at least 2 hours between the time the plane is scheduled to land and when the next one is scheduled to depart. Any less time may result in a missed connecting flight.

  • When booking your flight, remember:

    • Book a direct flight whenever possible, even if it costs a little more.
    • Give yourself at least a 2-hour layover between connecting flights.
    • Add more time to your layover if you want to eat, freshen up in the bathroom, etc. 
    • Red-eye flights are often cheaper but at the expense of traveling at night.
    • If you see "+1" it means the arrival time is a day after your departure date
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  • Education Abroad strongly recommends trip cancellation/interruption insurance
  • Booking through a Travel AgencyThere are some instances where booking through a travel agency is the better option. We suggest you explore these options 


  • Visit


  • The name you use on your passport should match the name on your airline ticket. 
  • Make two copies of your passport and other forms of identification such as Driver's License.