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Becoming Globally Engaged

Texas State University is committed to the diversity of people and ideas, inclusiveness, and global perspectives. Student global engagement can be achieved through study abroad programs, which is a great way to connect Texas State with the world through teaching, learning, and research.

As a supporter of the Generation Study Abroad initiative from the Institute of International Education (IIE), in 2013, Texas State University committed to increase its student participation by 50% by the end of this decade. The Texas Education Abroad is proud to have not only met this goal three years early, but also exceed the target goal with a record number of 803 students. This year, Texas State University has more academic disciplines going abroad; visiting more destinations around the world than ever before. In addition, Texas State University has outstanding degree programs attracting the best and the brightest from around the world.

We invite you to become globally engaged today!

Adam Odomore
Adam Odomore - Semester at Sea

"In traveling the world, seeing and experiencing numerous people, places, and cultures, we tend to realize that we are a small part of giant puzzle – Mother Earth. With that realization, we know that it’s not about us and that no matter how small it might be in our heads, all of our decisions affect others and they have a possibility of changing the world and the course of history."

Nichole Schnell
Nicole Schnell - Texas State in Florence, Italy (Italian)

"I still consider my experience in the summer abroad program to Italy back in 2011 to be the best thing I have ever done! My experience in the study abroad classes helped me get my internship and gave me the insight I need to succeed in the job."


Jennifer Theone
Jennifer Theone - Viña del Mar, Chile (Exchange)

"I miss the orderliness of Viña's street and the winding and graffitied streets of Valparaiso across the bay. I miss every day being a challenge and every night having something to think about. Living in Viña gave me the confidence to go further with myself."

Chloe Scarborough
Chloe Scarborough - Czech Republic, Thailand, and Spain (USAC & SOL)

"Studying abroad brought my classes to life and gave them real-world relevance. The experience as a whole revealed levels of courage, compassion, and independence that I didn't know I had. I experienced new ways of life that changed my perspective on the world, and it helped me understand my own culture in relation to others."  

Messia Gondorchin
Messia Gondorchin - Texas State in Chester

"It always seems impossible until it's done." - Nelson Mandela.

"I built friendships with students and professors that could never be accomplished in a classroom. Study abroad had an expansive effect on my education.

I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. I thought... "it's too expensive" or "I don't have the time", but I've learned that making the decision to study abroad surpassed all those obstacles, in the end... the journey was more a reward than I could have ever imagined.You seriously won't know until you go. So GO!"