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Global Experiences Affiliated

You ARE NOT approved to participate in a Texas State Affiliated program(s) until you are accepted by Education Abroad. You must meet BOTH deadlines, Education Abroad's and your Affiliated Provider's.

Global Experiences (GE)

  •  GE focuses on career readiness and global leadership.
  • Internships offered in Barcelona, Berlin, Dublin, London, Paris, Florence, Madrid, Milan, Rome, San Jose (Costa Rica )and 2 domestic locations, New York City and Washington D.C
  • Dedicated Global Experiences staff in all locations, assisting with on-site activities, cultural/social event programming. 
  • Career Development establishing career objectives, resume and cover letter training and interview preparation. 

Global Experiences Scholarships 

GE will be awarding to the following students, 

  • Pell Grant recipients: $500 (year-round)
  • Benjamin A. Gilman recipients: $250 (Summer) and $500 (Fall/Spring)

Gilman scholarship recipients are also Pell Grant recipients, GE will be stacking these awards, meaning, a Gilman recipient could receive $750-$1,000 from GE towards their program, depending on the term.