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Outgoing Exchange Steps

Pre-Acceptance Steps

Please be advised that students participating in the Virtual Exchange Program do not need to complete all listed steps. Please contact Dr. Oleksandra Sehin ( for further information. 

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  • Please make sure you have completed steps 1-6 before moving forward in the process:

    Steps for Participating in Education Abroad Programs

  • Prior to your appointment, please complete the following:

    1. Review the Exchange Program Website
    2. Get familiar with the International Exchange Program process
    3. Review Partner Universities' websites
    4. Select your top three Universities

    Please visit this link to request your advising appointment.

  • There are several steps you will need to complete to finish the first part of your application: 

    1. General Information
    2. Passport Information 
      • If you do not currently have a passport, you will need to attach a copy of your application for a passport in your Online Application. This process can take a while so please make sure to start it as soon as you can.
    3. Emergency Contact Information 

    Please complete the first part of the application by the specified deadlines(s): 

    Spring Semester
    Opens: March 15th
    Closes: October 1st

    Fall Semester or Full Academic Year
    Opens: October 15th
    Closes: February 15th

    Virtual Exchange - Fall Semester
    Opens: Early July
    Closes: Late July (depending on specific program)

    Virtual Exchange - Spring Semester
    Opens: Early November
    Closes: Late November (depending on specific program)



  • After submitting your Texas State Exchange Program application online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that the status of your application has changed to "committed".

    ** Please note: A “committed” application does not mean you have been accepted to the host institution of your choice. The host institution must accept your nomination, and then you will need to complete an application for that institution to be fully accepted.

    The Exchange Program Coordinator will notify you once the host institution has accepted your nomination. You will then receive further instructions from the host institution on how to complete their application process by their specified deadline.

    **Please note: each host institution has different deadlines for their application.

Post-Acceptance Steps

  • The Transfer Credit Agreement form is required for all students who wish to participate in Education Abroad programs and would like to transfer undergraduate credits to Texas State. This form will need to be filled out to make sure your classes while abroad will transfer to Texas State.

    For undergraduate students, please follow the steps under the Transfer Credit Agreement (Undergraduate Credits) tab.

    For graduate students, please follow the steps under the Transfer Credit Agreement (Graduate Credits) tab.

  • Once you receive your Official Acceptance Letter from your host institution, start applying for your Student Visa

    You might need to request two letters from the Texas State Study Abroad Coordinator:

    1.  Reciprocal Exchange Program Enrollment Verification 
    2. International Travel Coverage 

    Visit this page for more information regarding Student Visas

  • Soon after being accepted into the program, you will receive an invitation to attend the First Mandatory Orientation

    A successful semester abroad is dependent upon adequate preparation. You will participate in a series of mandatory orientations during the semester prior to studying abroad. These orientations will address issues of academic, cultural, logistical, financial, and personal preparation, as well as health and safety. 

  • If you will be using financial aid, please discuss your education abroad plans with the Office of Financial Aid. 

    • You will receive financial aid as long as you enroll in courses at your host institution that do satisfy a degree requirement.
    • If you have questions about your courses counting towards your degree plan, please visit Financial Aid's website. This page is designed to assist you with your questions on the federal Courses Counting Toward Degree requirements. Your financial aid will be calculated based only on the number of hours for which you are enrolled and count toward your degree.
    • Enrollment in our partner institution in less than 12 credit hours for undergraduate students, or 9 credit hours for graduate students, that do not satisfy a degree requirement will trigger an award recalculation. It is very important that you let the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office know immediately if your actual course schedule deviates from what was submitted on your Transfer Credit Agreement.

    Please contact the Texas State Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to inquire about specific disbursement dates since they depend on your program and type of financial aid. Students should begin investigating the funding options for education abroad, including grants, personal savings, scholarships, and loans, as soon as possible.

  • The Second Mandatory Orientation will be scheduled about three months prior your departure. You will receive an invitation to attend this orientation. Before attending the orientation, please review the Pre-departure Information on our website

  • Please complete your Housing Arrangements with the host institutions. Types of accommodation will vary from one location to another, whether it be a university dormitory, apartment, hotel, camp, or with a private family. Please follow the instructions provided by the host institution for applying for your accommodations. 

  • Search for Airfare and upload your Flight Itinerary to your Texas State Exchange Program Application. We recommend that you purchase flight insurance in case you need to cancel or change your flight.  

    *Note: do not purchase your tickets until you have been officially admitted by the host institution 

  • Before you go abroad, make sure that you have canceled your local housing contracts. This process can take a long time, you might need to find sub-leasers. 

  • Research about your Destination and Host Institution. It is important to learn cultural dos and don'ts for the country you are going to. 

    We will try to provide you with connections with students that have gone to the same country as you, or students that are attending Texas State from that country. 

  • Wherever you go, Texas State University wants to help ensure your health and safety. If you are planning to participate in an Education Abroad program, you have access to On Call International program, which provides medical and security services. This service is a great benefit in the event you need help while traveling. On Call International is also connected to the insurance.

    Click here to find more information about International Travel Insurance and On Call International assistance


    • You must register for the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) courses (place holders) via Catsweb, following the instructions provided by the Education Abroad Office.
      • Undergraduate Students: You will need to register for five (15 credit hours) placeholder courses by the specified deadline at Texas State.
      • Graduate Students: You will need to register for three (9 credit hours) placeholder courses by the specified deadline at Texas State.
    • The host institution will provide guidance and assistance with course registration before or after your arrival to your host institution. Failure to register will result in the cancellation of the program and not qualifying for financial aid.

    *You will be notified with the CRNs via email

  • Your Tuition and Insurance Fees will be applied to your student bill. Please pay your tuition and fees via CatsWeb by the specified Texas State University deadlines.

  • All students who participate in an education abroad program are covered under foreign insurance policy offered through Texas State University. Insurance fees are calculated based on the program official dates.

    For students planning to participate in an education abroad program, It is also recommended to have the International Student Identity Card (ISIC). Click here to find more information ISIC.

  • We recommend that you register for STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) with the U.S. Department of State. It is a free service to allow U.S. citizens and nationals traveling and living abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Click here for more information

On-Site Steps

  • You must maintain the FULL-TIME student status while studying abroad to fulfill the education abroad and financial aid requirements. You must be enrolled in the Texas State equivalent for a minimum of

    • 12 credit hours for undergraduate program
    • 9 credit hours for graduate program

    The host university will provide guidance and assistance with course registration before and after your arrival to the designated host institution.

  • Purpose: Students participating in an Education Abroad program must complete this form to confirm enrollment at the host institution.

    Background Information: Students receive credits only for the courses approved by Texas State through the Transfer Credit Agreement (TCA) form. Therefore, if students register for the course(s) not previously approved, they must complete a new TCA, submit it to the Texas State Exchange Program Coordinator and obtain approvals from Texas State University.

    Confirmation of Enrollment Form

  • If students are adding new courses to their previously approved Transfer Credit Agreement form, then students need to submit a new TCA form. Please follow the steps under the Transfer Credit Agreement tabs to do so.


  • Purpose: Students participating in an Education Abroad program must complete this form to verify academic engagement in at least one course in order to remain eligible for aid awarded (if applicable) during the semester and to be in compliance with Education Abroad regulations. For more information, please review the Withdrawing and Non-Attendance page on the financial aid website for more information: All students on an affiliated or exchange program must complete this form since students are eligible to apply for federal financial aid at any time throughout the semester.

    Background: Per federal regulations, Texas State is required to review students who are awarded federal financial aid but receive all non-passing grades. In such cases, students are considered unofficially withdrawn from the university for financial aid purposes. As a result, a federal withdrawal calculation must be performed to determine the amount of Title IV funds that the student must repay. The only exception is when an institution can document (within 30 days of the end of the semester) that the student was academically engaged after the 60-percent point of the semester. Since the term start and end dates for students on a reciprocal exchange or affiliated program vary by the host institution, it is important for students to complete and return a verification of academic engagement form within 30 days of the end of the term at their host institution. Completion of this form will prevent the student from being unofficially withdrawn. This form is mandatory for all students participating in an affiliated or exchange program. Failure to complete this form by the above due date may negatively impact current or future aid rewards.

    Verification of Academic Engagement Form


  • Purpose: Students participating in an Education Abroad program must complete this form to verify the completion of their program in order to remain eligible for aid awarded (if applicable) during the semester, and to be in compliance with Education Abroad regulations.  

    Background: Students participating in an Education Abroad program and (If applicable) receiving financial aid at Texas State University must demonstrate completion of course work abroad. Although a transcript will be required to transfer credits to Texas State, it is common that transcripts are not available by the time they are needed to comply with federal financial aid regulations Thus, students receiving financial aid must submit this form on time. Students who fail to submit this form by the above due date may be required to repay all or a portion of their financial aid.

    Verification of Program Completion Form

  • Complete the Student Evaluation Survey

     **Note: you will receive the link to the survey at the end of your program

  • Request Official (required) and Unofficial Transcripts (recommended) from the host institution at the end of your program.

    • Note: you may request additional copies for your own files.

When you Return