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GOLE Program Steps

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  • 1. Do Your Research

    Find out what courses are available through GOLE you would like to take and how they fit in your degree plan. Review the program information on the Destinations page. Meet with the Academic Program Directors (APD) if necessary, for more information about their programs (some APDs may require an interview before students are accepted into their program.)

    2. Begin Searching for Financial Assistance

    While participating in a GOLE program you may use your Texas State Financial Aid and Scholarships. It is recommended that you discuss your plans with the Texas State Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to go over your specific financial aid award.

    For more information about Texas State Financial Aid & Scholarships, as well as other specific scholarships, please visit our Financial Assistance page.

    3. Complete Online Application

    Before you submit your GOLE application, you will need to complete the Academic Advising Form for GOLE Programs. This form will need to be signed by your Academic Advisor and the applicant. You can find this form at the following locations:

    You will see an 'Apply Now' button at the top of the brochure page once you select your program. (It is highly suggested that you bookmark the brochure page as you will need to come back to it at a later date). GOLE applications have a non-refundable $200 program pre-payment which must be submitted along with the application.

    4. Check Your Emails Frequently

    Once you are accepted, you will receive a notification via your Texas State email that your application status has changed.

  • 1. Follow Payment Schedule

    Follow payment schedule for your GOLE program and keep up with payment deadlines. You can find the payment schedule on the online brochure page for your program.

    2. Register for Specific GOLE Courses

    The Education Abroad Office will send you specific CRN numbers for GOLE courses that you will register for in CatsWeb during the registration period for the semester you plan to participate.

    3. Attend Mandatory Pre-Program Orientation Sessions

    Communicate with your APD regarding dates, times and locations.