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Faculty-led Steps

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  • 1. Attend a General Information Session 

    2. Do Your Research
    Find out where you would like to go and what classes you would like to take. Review the destinations and program information on the Destinations page. Meet with the Academic Program Director (APD) if necessary for more information about the programs. (Some APDs require an interview before being accepted into their program).

    3. Begin Searching for Financial Assistance
    While participating in a Faculty-led program, you may use your Texas State financial aid funding. It is strongly recommended that you discuss your education abroad plans with the Texas State Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to go over your specific financial aid award.

    For more information about Texas State Financial Aid & Scholarships, as well as other specific education abroad scholarships, please visit our Financial Assistance page.

    If you have a 2.75 Undergraduate Texas State Cumulative GPA or 3.25 Graduate Texas State Cumulative GPA, be sure to also apply for the International Education Fee Scholarship located on our Financial Assistance page.

    4. Complete Online Application

    Before you submit your application, you will need to complete the Academic Advising Form for Faculty-led  Programs. This form will be need to be signed by your Academic Advisor and the applicant. You can find this form on the following locations:

    You will see an 'Apply Now' button at the top of the brochure page of your selected program (it is highly suggested that you bookmark the brochure page as you will need to come back to it at a later date). Faculty-led applications have a non-refundable $200 application fee. 

    Space is limited, early application is strongly recommended.

    5. Check Your Emails Frequently
    Once you are accepted in your program, you will receive notification via email that your application status has changed.

  • 1. Follow Payment Schedule
    Follow the payment schedule for your education abroad program, and keep up with payment deadlines. You can find the payment schedule on the online brochure page for your program.

    2. Register for Specific Education Abroad Courses
    The Education Abroad Office will send you specific CRN numbers for education abroad courses that you will register for in CatsWeb during the registration period for the semester you plan to participate in an education abroad program.

    3. Attend Mandatory Pre-departure Orientations
    Communicate with your APD regarding dates, times and locations of your mandatory pre-departure orientations. During these meetings you will learn more about program expectations, important dates, lodging, budgeting, health and safety, etc. Do not make travel reservations before consulting dates, times and locations with your APD.

    4. Upload Post-Decision Material
    You will be required to upload your health information, passport, and flight itinerary into your online study abroad application after you have been accepted. This step must be completed prior to your departure. You can log back into your application by clicking the "Login" button at the top right of the Education Abroad homepage.

  • 1. Participate in the annual Education Abroad Photo Contest
    You can find details about this contest on the Photo Contest page on the Education Abroad Office website.

    2. Attend the Own Your Experience Abroad Workshop
    This workshop will allow you to share your experience with other students who recently participated in education abroad programs, as well as learn tips on how to reflect your international experience during your job search (i.e. on your resume, social media, in an interview, etc.)

    3. Become an Education Abroad Ambassador
    Texas State welcomes you to share your experience with other students and become a Texas State Education Abroad Ambassador. Please contact the Education Abroad Office for details.

    4. Show pride in your international experience by wearing an education abroad sash during your graduation ceremony
    Click here for details