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  • The Academic Advising Form for the Faculty-Led Programs is located in your education abroad application as well as available for the download from our website under TXST Students tab. Please download the form and fill in all information before sending it to your advisor. Once the advisor signs the form, you can scan or take a picture and upload it into your application.  

  • Once your application is submitted, it goes through several steps at the EA office. The EA office will verify with the Dean of Students that you do not have anything preventing you to go, we will verify you have uploaded a completed Advising Form, and we will confirm you have completed all information before we send you application for your faculty member to approve. It can take up to two weeks for this process before it is sent for APD approval. 

    Some APDs wait until their program is full before they approve any students. If your application has been in Application Submitted for over two weeks, please feel free to contact the EA Office or the APD for your program.