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Approval Request to use new program provider

All program providers must be fully vetted and approved by Texas State before they can be considered for any services. Please refer to the list of currently approved providers by visiting this link


  1. If your proposed provider is already approved by Texas State:
  • Visit the Education Abroad website and confirm that your proposed provider is approved.
  • Complete the questionnaire below at least six weeks before the deadline for your program application.
  1. If your proposed provider is not on the approved list:
  • If you are considering a new provider for your program that has not been fully vetted and approved by Texas State, please submit the questionnaire below to Education Abroad at least 3 months before your program application is due.
  • Refer your proposed provider to the Education Abroad website so they can complete the application process. If your proposed provider has any questions, they may contact Education Abroad for guidance.

Contact information of proposed provider

What services will you request from this provider?: *