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Education Abroad Ambassador Policies

We are glad to know that you are interested in joining Texas State on our mission to internationalize our campus by sharing your international experience and promoting international education with your fellow Bobcats.

As an Education Abroad Ambassador, you will encourage other students to participate in Education Abroad programs by creating and actively participating in activities on campus.  

Please read the information provided in this packet thoroughly. It contains important information about the role of an Education Abroad Ambassador and the expectations of this program.


Education Abroad
p: 512-245-1967


The mission of the Texas State Education Abroad is to support the comprehensive internationalization plan of Texas State University by providing safe, accessible, academically dynamic, geographically diverse, and culturally enriching global educational experiences to our students.

Texas State Education Abroad is committed to ethics in our study abroad programs. Refer to the Web site of the Forum on Education Abroad for more information.

Education Abroad Values:

Academic Integrity. We strive to enhance students' education with quality, meaningful, and rigorous academic programs abroad.
Responsible Global Engagement. We offer programs that prepare students to be inter-culturally competent, globally aware, and responsibly engaged citizens of the world.
Teamwork. We, as a team, work hard to achieve our common goal to support faculty and students in pursuing global academic experiences.
Respect. We strive to create an environment in which people respect and listen to one another, maintaining a professional demeanor in both conduct and appearance.
Conscientiousness. We make every effort to be accurate, efficient, and resourceful in our work. We are thoughtful, attentive, and considerate. We value initiative in problem-solving.

Education Abroad Goals:

  • Texas State Education Abroad will expand the use of its resources to foster greater Education Abroad opportunities for a continuously growing number of Education Araod students.
  • Maintain high academic standards for all Education Abroad programs offered by Texas State University.
  • Strive for diversity of Education Abroad programs in regards to geographic location, disciplines, length of the program, and types of the programs/models of teaching.
  • Enhance students' personal, academic and professional development.
  • Enhance students' global awareness and social responsibility.
  • Enhance students' cultural understanding through extensive advising and superior on-site services and programming.
  • Engage with host communities abroad by incorporating service-research, internship, or volunteer opportunities into Education Abroad programs.
  • Support faculty Education Abroad initiatives.


Education Abroad events

Maximum Awarded Time: 4 hours per Education Abroad Fair, Ready Set Go Abroad, Bobcat Days, International Affairs Events. 

Texas State University has one major event every semester to inform students of the different international opportunities available. It is required that all Education Abroad Ambassadors assist with these events.

Presentations (Classroom and/or General Information Sessions)

Maximum Awarded Time: 1.5 hours per session

How to Prepare: Attending a mandatory training session is required. Education Abroad will also provide a PowerPoint presentation for you to use.

Peer Advising Sessions 

Maximum Awarded Time: 1 hour per session

How to Prepare: Set up meeting times with students that have expressed interest in participating in an Education Abroad program and are looking for more general information. Students must have attended a General Information Session first.

Ambassadors might also assist with peer advising international exchange students who often request assistance with academics, culture, on/off-campus activities, etc. 

Expectations: Guide student by providing information, and identifying available resources.

Documentation: Submit time/project report with the advised student(s) contact information and notes from your session.

Office Hours 

Maximum Awarded Time: 1 hour per session

Subject to approval by Education Abroad

How to Prepare: If Education Abroad resources allow it. Education Abroad Ambassador can host once a week office hour at the Thornton International House. Ambassadors can reach by the office phone and advise walk-in students.

Tabling Sessions 

Maximum Awarded Time:  3-4  hour per tabling session

Education Abroad Ambassadors will be required to host a 2-hour once a month tabling session to promote all Education Abroad Programs

How to Prepare: Learn the approval process for tabling on the University Campus, covered at during the Education Abroad Ambassadors training. 

Documentation: Submit time/project report by uploading a picture of your tabling session when you submit your activity report.

Poster Displays

Maximum Awarded Time: 1 hour per session

How to Prepare: Learn the approval process for displaying posters on approved areas around campus. Get print copies of the approved poster from Education Abroad.

Documentation: Submit time/project report by uploading a picture of your posted flyer when you submit your activity report.

Notes: Students are not allowed to create their own posters. Be accurate in your reporting.

Social Media

Maximum Awarded Time: 1 hour per 8 posts

How to Prepare: Review Education Abroad  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page to see our current posts.

Expectation: Following Education Abroad social media strategy, you will schedule posts on behalf of the Education Abroad.

Documentation: Submit time/project report, as well as verbally report your work to the Education Abroad Specialist

Notes: Education Abroad Ambassadors are not allowed to create any separate/individual Education Abroad account on any social media platforms. All ideas for other projects that involve social media, must be discussed and approved by Education Abroad.


*You will be required to electronically sign at the end of the application on the next page

Education  Abroad Ambassador Program Contract
As an Education Abroad Ambassador with Texas State University, I am representing Texas State University at all times. I agree to abide by the Education Abroad Ambassador Contract. I understand and agree that participating in behavior that violates this contract can be subject to release from the program. I acknowledge and accept that Texas State has the authority at all times to establish rules of conduct necessary for this Ambassador program. I understand that in order to continue my participation in the Education Abroad Ambassador Program, I must adhere to the conduct outlined in this contract.

Student-Ambassador Life Balance
My first priority should be my education. This program should not interfere with my academics. It is flexible and should be worked around my schedule and the needs of Education Abroad I will not allow Education Abroad Ambassador Program to interfere with my academics, and I will notify Education Abroad if I have difficulties committing time to the program.

Position Duration
As an Education Abroad Ambassador, I will remain an  Education Abroad Ambassador until I graduate as long as I have been active. I agree to fulfill the responsibilities of an Education Abroad Ambassador throughout my term and will give a one-month notice if I am unable to complete the duration of my position.

I am required to attend all mandatory training hosted by Education Abroad for the Ambassador Program. If I am unable to attend a training session, I must notify Education Abroad to explain why I will be absent.

University Guidelines
I must be familiar with the logistics of the Texas State University campus. Details will be provided during training. I will work closely with Education Abroad to ensure that I adhere to University guidelines.

I am the on-campus face of  Texas State Education Abroad. When participating in University-related events, I must be professional in attire and attitude. I will conduct myself in a professional manner when representing Texas State University.

Education Abroad Updates
International Education is constantly evolving, as is Education Abroad at Texas State. Education Abroad will send updates regarding current programs, closures, and special opportunities, and it is my responsibility to stay informed. I will remain attentive on Education Abroad updates throughout the term of my Education Abroad Ambassador duration.

Communication with Education Abroad  

Bi-monthly check-ins will be scheduled to track Education Abroad Ambassador's progress and Professional Development growth 
It is imperative that I keep Education Abroad up-to-date with my program activities. I must submit my time/project reports within one week of said activity to the Education Abroad. I understand that failure to submit my time/project reports in a timely manner will result in my activities not counting toward my hours and potential release from the program.


This is a Release of Liability, Indemnification and Assumption of Risk agreement. Read it carefully and sign below. Completion of this form is required before you participate in the Activity. This document cannot be altered or modified by any verbal or written statements.

RELEASEES:  The Board of Regents, The Texas State University System, Texas State University, and all regents, employees, agents, and officers for these entities.

ASSUMPTION OF RISKS: To the best of my knowledge, I am in good health and have no physical limitations that would preclude or impede my participation in this Activity. I am aware of the risks and hazards connected with the Activity, and I elect to participate voluntarily and engage in this Activity knowing that the Activity may be hazardous to my property and me. I voluntarily and expressly agree and promise that I assume full responsibility for property loss or damage, and for personal injury, including death, that I may sustain as a result of being engaged in this Activity, whether or not based on the negligence or other wrongful conduct of Releasees. 

INDEMNIFICATION: I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the releasees from any and all loss, liability, damage, or costs of any nature whatsoever, including court costs and attorney fees, that they may incur due to my participation in this activity whether caused by the negligence of releasees or otherwise. For example, I specifically agree to idemnify and hold harmless the releasees from losses they may incur as a result of my injuries and my unjuring another person or damaging another person's property while participating in the activity. 

RELEASE: In consideration for facilitating my participation in the Activity described above (hereafter Activity), I release, discharge, and agree not to sue Releasees for any claims, demands, actions, and causes of action of any nature whatsoever including a claim of negligence, arising out of any loss or damage to my property and any injury, including death, that I may sustain whether or not caused by the negligence of the Releasees, while participating in the Activity, supervised or unsupervised, or while in transportation to and from the Activity.


  • Your actions reflect Texas State University as a whole. Be professional and respectful in all activities related to being an Education Abroad Ambassador.
  • People relate best to stories. Think about your time abroad and how you can use your experience to spark students’ interest in participating in an Education Abroad Program. 
  • Make goals for yourself and work steadily to accomplish those goals every semester.
  • Be creative! We are always welcome to new and fresh ideas that you might be able to bring to the table.
  • You can look to campus organizations for inspiration. How do they advertise? Learn from established organizations on campus.
  • Always remember that an Education Abroad Ambassador’s main responsibility is to promote study abroad and help students find the perfect program that fits their goals.
  • Potential Education Abroad students will be impressed by an objective, well-rounded Ambassador who knows about all things Education Abroad, rather than only about the program in which you participated.


Build Professional Experience
Education Abroad  will work closely with you to provide helpful feedback to prepare you for your future career

Learn More About International Education
Education Abroad Ambassador program is a great way to start a career in International Education. You will learn all the ins and outs about Education abroad, international students, intensive English programs for non-native speakers, and more.

Gain Valuable Skills 
You will have the opportunity to sharpen your skills in leadership, public speaking, and programming among many others.

Free Education Abroad Graduation Sash
Upon successful completion of the required hours, Education Abroad Ambassadors will receive a free study abroad graduation sash at the end of the ambassador term.

Certificate of Participation
Education Abroad Ambassadors will receive a certification of participation for promoting and encouraging International Education upon successful completion of the required hours.

End of the Semester Party